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Internet-shop is a tool for collecting orders through Internet. The main thing that is different in Internet-shop in comparison with Site-catalog is the actuality of displayed information. The product missing on the store should be marked as unavailable. You will mark availability manually from backoffice of website, or we connect product availability flag on the website with your internal system through automatic or manual synchronization mechanism.

Products ordered from Internet-shop will be e-mailed to you, or, again, we will make orders to be exported to your ERP system (in case of absence of difficulties in the implementation). If you assume online payments on your website, we will attach appropriate online billing system for you. For convenience of your clients, the product search is implemented on Internet-shop.

Administrator of Internet-shop will be able to:

  • add/delete/change the product tree, products, product properties, descriptions, pictures
  • export/import products to/from internal Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • edit content of main pages: text and images in simple pages, in "contacts" etc
  • change content pictures all across the website
  • manage users of the site (activate/deactivate, change discounts for users/group of users)
  • manage incoming orders (change status, notify users, send picture of product before shipment, etc)
 цена: $3000+

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