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 special service

This category of websites includes following types of development:

  • social networking websites, communities and groups, internet-organizers, web alarms, address books, internet-questionnaires, mailing lists
  • multi-user interactive web sites, portals
  • development of import/export connection between online web databases and internal software used in your Enterprise
  • marketing program implementations for customers and partners with possibility to transform total amount of purchase to personal discount (interactive games or ratings for selected clients)
  • web workplace implementation connected to multiuser database
  • other sophisticated and non-ordinary solutions using web technologies
 цена: $4000 ... $10000

 примеры работ
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= The Beavers = (musical reserve)
Newances (nuances) - women's magazine
MP3 Fonoteka - MP3 archive
M-smart: Smart cars from Germany
Cистема обработки заказов «Econom Class»
Портал «Музыкальный гараж»

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