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M-smart: Smart cars from Germany

New and used Smart cars available to rent and buy; personal selection of current offers from Germany market as a new kind of client service. Auction bids are fetched, parsed and translated to local customer with explanation of pricing.

The bid import algorithm is implemented on this web site. Two major German used car portals mobile.de and autoscout24.de are used as a source to fetch, parse, translate and publish the bids on m-smart.ru. This particular method of publishing finest selection of cars meeting customer's needs is the feature of special service. When the sales manager pastes the URL to mobile or autoscout24, our software starts to download pictures, feature set and description of the bid. Relevant features are matched with pre-fetched translated dictionary, so the bid get localized translation automatically. In addition, transportation fees, custom fees and the interest are added, and then the bid is published as a product with final price after delivery. Custom fees are calculated according to the engine's volume. The interest percentage and currency exchange rates can be easily adjusted within adminitrator's interface.

For the customer convenience, short and long product forms can be choosen, 3 currencies are available to display the prices, the possibility to order the car delivery from Germany, to bargain on prices, and request to pick up the car similar to one shown. The site adminitrator has an opportunity to easily find the car and continue objective dialog with the client by typing its number anywhere on the site which will open the description of corresponding car.

Two more extended website was created based on m-smart.ru functionailty:

start-up launch of web sites has occured in July-August of 2005

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M-smart: Smart cars from Germany

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M-smart: Smart cars from Germany

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M-smart: Smart cars from Germany

bid import process, autoscout24.de

M-smart: Smart cars from Germany

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