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MP3 Fonoteka - MP3 archive

MP3-fonoteka contains large collection of contemporary music. Best local and foreign hits, fine selection of recent releases. Website contains also the online store of mp3-players.

For that site, we implemented technical solutions listed below:

  • static pages pre-generation to reduce server load in peak hours
  • on-the-fly generation of static 10-seconds low-bitrate pieces of audio samples from wb_full-length tracks
  • password generator mechanism for further bulk stretch-card publication
  • track import mechanism allowed to copy and publish from wb_external storage
  • full control over every piece of every web page
  • different types of access to the Archive: free unlimited for N days after registration, free unlimited until certain calendar date, non-free expiring at day X, etc...
  • administrator-driven bonuses for self-registered users; ex, fulfillment of sheet adds some amount of "money" on the user's balance
  • user's sheet (list of questions to answer) is configured by website administrator (might be in the form of a poll obligatory for every user)
  • detailed statistics on sheets filled
  • reports sorting and grouping by selected criterias
  • mp3-gadgets product catalog: mp3-players, earphones, cases, chargers, memory cards

Planned features:

  • balance fulfillment through number of payment methods: e-money, SMS payments, bank receipt, cash payments through mobile operator
  • information broadcast for subscribers through e-mail and/or SMS
  • banner advertisement control tool
website is in development from wb_August 2005

 цена: специализированный сервис
MP3 Fonoteka - MP3 archive

альбомы в жанре

MP3 Fonoteka - MP3 archive

расход средств

MP3 Fonoteka - MP3 archive

импорт треков в MP3-архив

MP3 Fonoteka - MP3 archive

массовый выпуск логинов для пластиковых карт

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