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While working on corporate style or website design, we tend to offer a visual representation which will favorable distinguish your company from your competitors. We base our development on the concept of your business and mutual intention to achieve success. Usually we offer 2-3 samples of website design and you tell us your feedback. Next, we convert the artwork into a real object: web site, leaflet, business card, letter template, banner.

 Website development

We consider web site development as the process described below:

  • Task elaboration, composition of business proposal and technical specification
  • Negotiation on deadline and cost of the project
  • Development of artwork and design
  • Page template markup
  • Programming and publication

Every website we are building is based on our own Content Management System which allows you to manage website. You will be able to edit pages without support of skilled specialist. It is possible to build website without CMS, but  most likely the extension of basic functionality will be required.

 Integration with internal ERP system

While integrating web site with internal accounting system, we tend to follow the process below:

  • Elaboration of possibilities of your accounting system
  • Establishing clear border between responsibility of site functionality and ERP functionality
  • Elaboration of potential ways of information exchange
  • Implementation of export-import routines, converters and processes.


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